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Charm Accounting Corporation’s corporate financial service provides the best solution for maximizing the corporation values

In response to rapid industrial structure reformation and increasing domestic and external risks, timely restructuring and various financial techniques became the key issue for the survival.

  • M&A

    Establishment of strategies for takeover, merger, and sale / takeover of lead manager affairs / analysis on risks and synergy effects related to merger / review on counter partner / support on deal negotiation / advisory service and agency service on Teaser, IM, MOU, and Agreement preparation / establishment of strategy for FMK Post Merger

  • Due Diligence Service

    Financial and accounting diagnosis for seller and buyer & Purposive due diligence for restructuring such as business transfer, business division, holding company foundation, and liquidation

  • IPO Service

    Provision of analysis material and information for listing and registration, agency service on preparation of preliminary application for listing and registration, and preparation of business plan for listing and registration

  • Restructuring Service

    Negotiation, legal management, and advisory service for corporation division and holding company foundation

  • Advisory Service on Transfer Valuation Service

    Valuation in consideration of overall corporation value determinants including accounting, tax affairs, legal affairs, sales, and human resources affairs in reflection of economic variable, characteristic of industry, status of corporation, and transaction status

  • Payroll Services

    Agency service on pay management for small and medium-sized corporations and foreign corporations Agency service on major insurances including national pension