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Corporate Governance

Our Future focus

As the competition is intensifying in global market integration and financial liberalization, people are focusing more on management decision-making structure. Also, issue on integrating the corporation system and activity is rising in response to increased activities of multi-national corporations and collision of different systems of each country.

Furthermore, the interests of different interested parties are getting hugely spotlighted. In order to respond to active moves of creditors and small stockholders, it is necessary to organize the corporation governance structure.

In case of South Korea, corporate insolvency issue is intensifying after IMF. The claim for improving the governance structure for reducing the possibilities of managerial failure and increasing the level of management decision-making is getting more convincing.

In response to such trends, Charm Accounting Corporation provides following services.

  • Advisory service on foundation and transition of holding corporation
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Advisory service on role and structural re-organization for board of directors and audit committee (audit)
  • Advisory service on arrangement and implementation of code of ethics and code of conduct for executives and employees
  • CFO Services : Specialized service for supporting executives in charge of finance including improvement on financial control, enhancement of decision-making process efficiency, and governance structure-related activities
  • Review and advisory service on response measures for various checking systems of governance structure