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Our Future focus

The capital markets are quickly integrating globally and there are increasing demands for international suitability and reliability of accounting information.

Accordingly, about 100 countries are applying international accounting standards. In response, South Korea announced “International Accounting Standard Introduction Roadmap” in March 15, 2007 to respond to such international trend and enhance accounting transparency.

According to roadmap, all listed corporations are required to introduce FRS until 2011 and corporations may adopt in advance starting from 2009.

In response, corporations need systematic preparation for introducing IFRS.

Charm Accounting Corporation provides services including introduction strategy, financial statement transition, and financial system construction to help corporations prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS and make financial report smoothly for accounting audit.

Charm Accounting Corporation’s IFRS-related services not only observes the international accounting standards but also reviews overall corporation works, reviews computational environment, and supports precise financial statement preparation.

Furthermore, Charm Accounting Corporation thoroughly prevents overlapping work or trial and error by defining and applying the standardized methodologies and outputs for all works.

Charm Accounting Corporation provides following services.

  • Advisory service on decision-making for IFRS introduction
  • Advisory service on financial statement transition
  • Construction of IFRS system
  • Advisory service on IFRS-related accounting problems
  • Analysis on impact from introducing IFRS
  • Valuation and impairment testing
  • Advisory service on tax issues related to introducing IFRS